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Am I familiar?

Read my story.

Trust me!

Am I familiar?

Being asked as a 10-year-old, “Eva, what do you want to become?”, I beamed sharing “A doctor for kids, an architect to unite people, a modern dancer to feel free, and a police woman to enable fairness.”.

All my passions seemed possible! Fast forward to today, none came true. Did I fail?

No! I learnt about my scanner-personality, as Leonardo da Vinci was! We have tons of interests in various topics. We create numerous ideas and turn many into work or leisure-time activities. Our many talents and precious qualities grow, as we build on diverse knowledge and expertise. We create our careers, innovate in between branches, and speak the language of many!

I learnt “I have too many hats on”. I discovered my mental self-sabotage and bad habits.

Today, I am aware of my busy mind and the mind chatter. I learnt about my mental saboteurs, like the inner Judge, Stickler, Restless, and Pleaser. They aim to distract me! Hence, I create good habits to stay focused, and keep my emotional balance. I say NO more often, and ask for support. I enjoy breaks!

As you, I have challenging days! But knowing my mental saboteurs and bad habits helps me manage my thoughts and emotions. Doing so, I perform, connect, and feel well in the end!

Read my story.

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It takes you on the journey of 17 leaders and change-makers. We tell our very personal story how we overcame adversity – like job loss, trauma, anxiety, divorce, illness, or burnout – to in the end create a positive impact in our world!

I am honored to be among these 17 story-tellers! Get inspired by my story called My Sage & I.

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Trust me.

Specialised in Sustainable Behavior Change for 9+ years.
Certified Tiny Habits® Coach, trained and mentored at Stanford Behavior Design Lab by world-famous behavior researcher and best-selling author BJ Fogg PhD.
Positive Intelligence Coach in certification process, trained and mentored by Shirzad Chamine, a neuroscientist, psychologist, Stanford lecturer, CEO Coach, and best-selling author.
Author of international best-seller book, and executive contributor of the leading entrepreneurship magazine Brainz. Speaker for e.g. TEDx, international podcasts, companies or organisations.