The secret of positive change is
❝not standing in our own way❞.

Positive Thinking & Positive Leadership Expert. Habit Coach. Speaker.
I support curious leaders & teams that struggle to achieve positive, lasting change for themselves or their organization & the leadership-shift it takes.
As an expert in Positive Thinking, Positive Leadership & Habit Change, I guide them to manage hindering mindsets, beliefs & behavior stopping change.
Neuro-scientific methods as conflict simulations, mental self-sabotage vs. positive thinking, behavior design & positive (self-) leadership enable this.

I’m not a change manager. But I know why many struggle or fail.

As change is at the doorstep, individuals & organizations too often fail - as it’s simply not wanted or too hard to do. Too often, the power of the negative mind wins: We judge ourselves & circumstances, push for recognition, control results & others, people-please, get stuck avoiding the unpleasant.

Positive change shouldn’t feel heavy lifting.

Leadership behavior impacts 20-70% of organizational performance. Knowing that, positive thinking & positive leadership became the strongest leverage - for personal wellbeing, healthier relationships & peak-performance.
With positive thinking, one sees opportunities instead of problems, gets curious & empathetic instead of stuck. Hence, let’s detect the unconscious, hindering human factor in times of change, what’s wanted & take easier action.

Positive thinking helps use mental energy more efficiently (90%) & develop others (76%). It improves teamwork & collaboration (92%).

Boost Peak-Performance
Source: Positive Intelligence

It shifts personal wellbeing, as it increases one’s happiness (85%), helps managing stress (91%) & lifts self-confidence (83%).

Improve Personal Wellbeing
Source: Positive Intelligence

Very importantly, positive thinking improves healthy relationships at work & home (82%), conflict management (84%) & empathy (97%).

Foster Healthy Relationships
Source: Positive Intelligence

Your mind is your best friend, but it can also be your worst enemy. It's constantly sabotaging your potential for both performance & happiness. Your negative emotions, including stress, are the result of self-sabotage.

Shirzad Chamine/Positive IntelligenceNeuroscientist, psychologist, Stanford lecturer, CEO coach, best-selling author

Habits empowered me to create my life in a direction I wanted it to go.

Anonymous employee in her 40iesCoachee

Helping others form new habits is key to their success. Most people struggle to change their behaviors, not because they lack willpower but because they lack the tools, support & commitment that makes change permanent.

Stanford-Professor BJ Fogg PhDBehavior researcher, founder of Stanford Behavior Design Lab, bestselling author

On average, only 1 in 5 within a team uses its mental potential. Hence, only 1 team-member applies positive thinking & thrives. The other 4 are stuck in negative thinking & operate in survival mode.

Shirzad Chamine/Positive IntelligenceNeuroscientist, psychologist, Stanford lecturer, CEO coach, best-selling author

I have been trying to correct this bad habit for years. The Tiny Habits® method is the first thing that has worked from the very start.

Anonymous manager motivated to stop "bad behavior"Coachee

Eva Gruber was an author for our book, Creating Impact. She shared a fantastic chapter about her struggle with negative thinking & sabotaging herself, showcasing her expertise. She was a delight to work with!

Dina BehrmanPR coach & strategist

The tiny tasks & food for thought between our sessions ensured that I continuously dealt with my issue. Thus, I benefited much more sustainably from working with Eva Gruber.

Educational manager in transitionCoachee

We feel increasingly disconnected. The first step towards fixing what ails us is to embrace feeling better. Habits are a means to this end.

Stanford-Professor BJ Fogg PhDBehavior researcher, founder of Stanford Behavior Design Lab, bestselling author

Eva Gruber’s warm, easy approach made me comfortable from the very start. She was not pushing & accepted my pace of introducing new habits.

Single-entrepreneur, rather overwhelmed at coaching startCoachee

For lasting, positive change there are 3 ways to go: Strengthen your wellbeing, healthy relationships & peak-performance. Still, I've discovered with my clients that healthy relationships are the foundation for the rest.

Eva GruberPositive thinking & leadership expert, habit coach, speaker

We need more curiosity & empathy to navigate towards new solutions.

As a Coach, Trainer & inspirational Speaker, I support curious leaders, teams & organizations to positively shift mindsets, beliefs & behaviors for any given goal - as well as the leadership-shift it takes. This lastingly leads to:
⭕ Personal change (e.g. wellbeing, peak-performance*)
⭕ Interpersonal change (e.g. healthy relationships)
⭕ Organisational change in any topic (e.g. creating positive leadership, peak-performance*, diversity)
*In peak-times as overwhelm & stress, negative emotions self-sabotage us (e.g. fear to fail, anger, insecurity). Using peak-performance capacity allows to keep a calm, clear head while taking empathetic, focused action.

My clients trust in me: