Habit Coach.

I support entrepreneurs, managers & teams who “have too much on their plate” to improve peak-performance, relationships & wellbeing through a mental fitness practice & supportive habits.

At the root.

Your intentions only need 20% knowledge, but 80% mental fitness!

You may exercise your body by e.g. running, but do you train your mind? You may climb the next summit, but can you respond with a clear head to stress, anger, or uncertainty?

To get to the root of your problems, you need to strengthen your Mental Fitness. This is your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset. You also need to discover your Bad Habits!

Learn about your mental self-sabotage – which all of us experience! – and your habits. Unmask your mental saboteurs – as e.g. the Hyper-Achiever, Controller, Hyper-Rational, Pleaser or Avoider. Doing so, your negative feelings – like fear, stress, anger, guilt, shame, or insecurity – and conditional negative behavior reduce drastically!

This helps you perform best at peak-times, experience healthy relationships, & happiness!

Eva Gruber - Marko @zlouma Zlousic

A story to start.

My co-authored book Creating Impact became an international best-seller! Why?

Books are magical when they tell true stories! My story for you is called “My Sage & I”.

Buy the ebook and learn how I overcame major adversities in life – from grieving as a kid, turning anorexic at a young age, acting restless as a passionate entrepreneur, being on eye-level with burnout. A reader named Sa’Tien shared

“This book is exceptional! It’s filled with true stories of courage, compassion, and tools that will change your life. It’s written in a relatable and accessible way that will leave you inspired and energized.”

Creating Impact

Eva helped me restore a sense of pride, confidence, and control in areas of life I felt stuck in.

Anonymous creative in his 30ies.Coachee

My new habits enable me to automate small things, and provide me with brain power for big things.

Anonymous entrepreneur in her 40ies.Coachee

I knew I had to get rid of the bad habits. But I didn’t know how! I felt like failing, and frustrated. This resulted in poor self-confidence!

Hyper-achieving, parenting single-entrepreneur.Coachee

With Eva as my coach I learnt to create routines that don't affect my need for freedom, choice, and opportunities.

Anonymous cybersecurity expert.Coachee

This heightened awareness and targeted practice within the app has been SUPER helpful. I look at "staying in control" very differently today. Yeah!

Highly driven entrepreneur in start-up sector.Coachee

My new habit skills helped me get out of the slump I was in.

Anonymous man in his 30ies.Coachee

After working with Eva, my life, and its quality started to change rapidly. I managed to get in order all my tasks! I make time for myself, and enjoy stress-free weekends with my family.

Busy entrepreneur and loving mother.Coachee
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How about you?

Choose your support.

Do we match?

Its impact & inspirations.

How about you?

Does this sound familiar? Run this quiz, counting your YES-answers.
Did you answer most of the statements with YES?

We feel increasingly disconnected. The first step toward fixing what ails us is to embrace feeling better. Habits are a means to this end.

Professor BJ Fogg PhD.Behavior researcher, founder of Stanford Behavior Design Lab, bestselling author

It sounds crazy but this habit stuff really has life changing potential.

Anonymous blogger within home office.Coachee

I have been trying to correct this bad habit for years. The Tiny Habits® method is the first thing that has worked from the very start.

Anonymous manager motivated to stop his bad habits.Coachee

Habits empowered me to create my life in a direction I wanted it to go.

Anonymous employee in her 40ies.Coachee

Eva was an author for our book, Creating Impact. She shared a fantastic chapter showcasing her expertise & knowhow. She was a delight to work with!

Dina Behrman.PR coach & strategist

The tiny tasks and food for thought between our sessions ensured that I continuously dealt with my issue! Thus, I benefited much more sustainably from working with Eva than in other coachings.

Educational manager in transition.Coachee

Eva’s warm, easy approach made me comfortable from the first time we’ve met. She was not pushing. She accepted my pace of introducing new habits!

Single-entrepreneur, rather overwhelmed at coaching start.Coachee

Choose your support.

90-Min Explore Coaching

For entrepreneurs + managers who want to clarify an aspiration + the “why” for coaching.

  • Explore an aspiration of yours
  • Define the “why” for a coaching support
  • Gain ideas of needed mindsets + habits
  • Clarify needs + steps towards the “why”

You will end the coaching with clarity on what to do next + understanding its why.

€ 150

7-Day Habit Treat

For everyone who wants to make new habits easy + finally stick.

  • Explore a wanted aspiration of yours
  • Discover habits to achieve the aspiration
  • Become aware of obstacles on its way
  • Choose + test up to 3 Tiny Habits®

You will end the 7-day habit treat having created + tested easy habits.

  • 90-minute coaching +
  • 5-day email-sparring

€ 200

Activate-Power Coaching

For change-makers who want habit skills to get active + lastingly achieve an aspiration.

  • Explore an aspiration of yours
  • Define the “why” for a coaching support
  • Clarify needs + steps towards the “why”
  • Unmask your current mindset + behavior
  • Train easy ways for positive thinking
  • Create lasting habits to achieve the aspiration

You will end the coaching with first victories, new skills + tools to achieve the aspiration.

  • Weekly coaching +
  • Instant support at peak-times
  • 5 x 60 minutes

€ 550

Grow-Power Coaching

For entrepreneurial minds, leaders + teams who aim to grow by powering up one’s positive mindset + habits.

  • Explore an aspiration of yours
  • Define the “why” for a coaching support
  • Clarify needs + steps towards the “why”
  • Assess your mindset, positivity + behavior
  • Unmask your mental saboteurs + impact on the aspiration
  • Discover the 5 sage powers for positivity
  • Create supportive routines + habits for your aspiration
  • Train 3 brain muscles 15 minutes daily to limit the mental saboteurs
  • Grow leadership skills, especially during stress + conflict

You will end the coaching knowing that mental fitness is a lifelong journey! Its mastery grows with your daily practice.

  • Weekly coaching (personal +/or in a group, your team)
  • On-top support (videos, app, best-selling book, email check-in)
  • 12 weeks to 1 year

€ on request

Mental Saboteur Workshops

For change-makers who want to learn among peers how their mental saboteurs hinder them.

  • Explore an aspiration or challenge of yours
  • Assess your mindset, positivity + behavior
  • Unmask your top-2 mental saboteurs
  • Assess your saboteurs’ impact
  • Activate 1 of the 5 sage-powers
  • Train easy ways for positive thinking

You will end the workshops with knowing your top-2 mental saboteurs + how to face them.

  • 2 x 90 minutes workshops +
  • 30 minutes coaching

€ 250

Do we match?

My support is for you if you
  • Wish to set an aspiration – e.g. creating me-time, saying NO, increasing focus – but lack the tools for lasting change.
  • Are little familiar with the topics of behavior, habits, and mental fitness, and aim for a low threshold on-boarding.
  • Are potentially a newbie to coaching but ready to make an easy start.
  • Struggle with making yourself a priority but with me as your coach it is about time.
  • Want to learn how to share uncomfortable discoveries with more ease, and with me in a safe space.
  • Have little time but as every interaction with me is online, you stay flexible.
  • Want to dedicate a fair budget.
Eva Gruber - Marko @zlouma Zlousic

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