Habit Coach.

I support entrepreneurs & managers who “have too much on their plate” to manage their time & energy better through supportive habits & a mental fitness practice.

Am I familiar?

Frankly, I am busy since I am little. My mind is always “on”. I always have “more than one hat on”. Why? My big curiosity for life drives me. But also the stickler, restless, and pleaser in me.

Today, I know how to handle my busy mind.

I create good habits to stay focused and keep my emotional balance. I learn about my mental saboteurs – like the stickler – which aim to distract me. I say NO more often and ask for support. I enjoy more regular breaks.

I do not always have good days, and feel challenged as you at times. But knowing my bad habits and mental saboteurs helps me balance my mind, time, and energy.

Eva Gruber - Marko @zlouma Zlousic

Eva helped me restore a sense of pride, confidence, and control in areas of life I felt stuck in.

Anonymous creative in his 30ies.Coachee.

My new habits enable me to automate small things, and provide me with brain power for big things.

Anonymous entrepreneur in her 40ies.Coachee.

With Eva as my coach I learnt to create routines that don't affect my need for freedom, choice, and opportunities.

Anonymous cybersecurity expert.Coachee.

We feel increasingly disconnected. The first step toward fixing what ails us is to embrace feeling better. Habits are a means to this end.

Professor BJ Fogg PhD.Behavior researcher, founder of Stanford Behavior Design Lab, bestselling author.

It sounds crazy but this habit stuff really has life changing potential.

Anonymous blogger within home office.Coachee.

I have been trying to correct this bad habit for years. The Tiny Habits® method is the first thing that has worked from the very start.

Anonymous manager motivated to stop his bad habits.Coachee.

Habits empowered me to create my life in a direction I wanted it to go.

Anonymous employee in her 40ies.Coachee.

My new habit skills helped me get out of the slump I was in.

Anonymous man in his 30ies.Coachee.

How about you?

Do you “have too much on your plate”? Run this quiz, counting your YES-answers.
Did you answer 5+ statements with YES?

What next?

Did you nod your head in approval so far?

Don’t worry. Creating good habits, stopping bad habits, and fostering your mental strength can enable your change. If you start tiny but stay consistent, you can change sustainably.

Do we match?

My support is for you if you
  • Already have aspirations in mind – e.g. creating me-time, saying NO, increasing focus – but don’t have the tools for sustainable change.
  • Are little familiar with the topics of behavior, habits, and mental health and wish to have a low threshold on-boarding.
  • Are rather a newbie to coaching but are ready to make an easy start.
  • Struggle with making yourself a priority but with me as your coach it is about time.
  • Want to learn how to share uncomfortable discoveries with more ease, and with me in a safe space.
  • Have little time but as every interaction with me is online, you stay flexible.
  • Want to dedicate a smaller or fair budget.
Eva Gruber - Marko @zlouma Zlousic

Test-run wanted?

Do you want to test your first habits in 5 days only?

Join my free Tiny Habits® Program. Design your first 3 Tiny Habits® and test them in 5 days only. I will be your habit coach, supporting you daily to make your new habits stick. Learn more.

Why trust me?

Specialised in Sustainable Behavior Change for 9+ years.
Certified Tiny Habits® Coach, trained and mentored at Stanford Behavior Design Lab by world-famous behavior researcher and best-selling author BJ Fogg PhD.
Positive Intelligence Coach in certification process, trained and mentored by Shirzad Chamine, a neuroscientist, psychologist, Stanford lecturer, CEO Coach, and best-selling author.
Co-author of books, and executive contributor of the leading entrepreneurship magazine Brainz.

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