❝Motion creates clarity.❞

Taking a first step can feel difficult - as we put the bar for success too high or don't ask for support. I'm here to take easy steps together - as a coach, trainer, consultant & speaker.

Coaching: Include your team or peers

My coaching impactfully explores wanted change or leadership. I’m providing:

⭕ Individual coaching
⭕ (Leadership) Team coaching
⭕ Group coaching (with peers)

Any coaching aspiration is welcome. Common aspirations focus on:

⭕ Personal change (e.g. wellbeing, peak-performance)
⭕ Interpersonal change (e.g. healthy relationships at work & home)
⭕ Organisational change in any topic (e.g. creating positive leadership, peak-performance, diversity)

My clients change through e.g. positivity skills (curiosity, empathy, navigation, etc.), mindset practices (intercepting negativity loops) & new habits. Coachings are hosted online, with optional online programs, in English or German. In-person coaching & pricing on request. Net hourly rates: B2B from 150€, B2C from 120€.

Working with Eva Gruber helped me detect & assign long-term personal issues (which caused subtle discomfort) to inner patterns, making them visible & manageable.

International expert-lead in his 40iesCoachee

The Positive Intelligence program is a very sophisticated & well thought-through mental fitness methodology. It's based on sound neuro-scientific principles, enabling a light-footed start.

Harald, senior executive, team-leadCoachee

With hands-on practices & inspirations for action, I learned to anticipate & defuse specific situations at work & home - before they tip over into old, bad habits of discomfort.

International expert-lead in his 40iesCoachee

I knew I had to get rid of "the bad" habits, but didn’t know how. I felt like failing & frustrated, resulting in poor self-confidence. My new mental habits helped me get out of this slump.

Hyper-achieving, parenting single-entrepreneurCoachee

Eva Gruber's clear & structured manner - balancing professional work & personal closeness very well - made it easy to work with her.

Team-lead, in his 50iesCoachee

When used regularly, Mental Fitness quickly leads to helpful insights that can be understood even better with a coach as Eva Gruber, processed more efficiently using the methods offered.

Harald, senior executive, team-leadCoachee

This heightened awareness & targeted practice within the Positive Intelligence app has been super helpful. I look at "staying in control" very differently today. Yeah!

Highly driven entrepreneur from start-up sectorCoachee

On my journey to myself, Eva Gruber has become a very important travel companion for me.

Harald, senior executive, team-leadCoachee

Workshops & Trainings: Take a starter-step

My teaser-workshops invite to a first-hand experience, a first mindset shift. I’m providing:

⭕ Workshops on “Positive Thinking”
⭕ Workshops on “Positive (Self-) Leadership”
⭕ Workshops on “Behavior Design & Habit Change”
⭕ Workshops on any self-chosen topic related to “Positive Change” & “Positive Leadership”

My training allows to go deep, especially for leaders & multipliers. It’s available for above listed or any self-chosen topics related to “Positive Change” & “Positive Leadership”. Each training includes a pre-/after-intervention, preparing & concluding one’s experience:

⭕ (Leadership) Training
⭕ Train-the-trainer

Participants change through e.g. positivity skills (curiosity, empathy, navigation, etc.), mindset practices (intercepting negativity loops) & new habits. Workshops & training are hosted online or in-person, in English or German. Pricing on request.

Eva Gruber has been a guest-trainer at "Intrinsic Campus" for several years. She always introduced us to the challenging topics of habits & routines very skillfully, sporty & with great empathy.

Robin Müller, program lead at Intrinsic.chB2B client

My new habits enable me to automate the small things. Hence, they provide me with the needed brain power for the big things. As a responsible leader, that's a valuable asset!

Entrepreneur in her 40iesMultiple training-participant

Eva Gruber helped me restore a sense of pride, confidence & control in areas of life I felt stuck in. I learnt to create mental routines that don't affect my need for freedom, choice & opportunities.

Manager in his 30iesTraining-participant

After working with Eva Gruber, my life & its quality started to change rapidly. I managed to get in order all my tasks. Today, I make time for myself & enjoy stress-free weekends with my family.

Busy entrepreneur & loving motherMultiple training-participant

The discovery of our mental self-sabotage was particularly exciting. This was exactly the right training-input for our future edu-preneurs. I’m very happy to have Eva Gruber with us next semester again.

Robin Müller, program lead at Intrinsic.chB2B client

Programs: Change mindsets & habits lastingly

My programs create an emotional safe space for lasting behavior change. I’m providing:

⭕ Program curriculum for “Positive Thinking” & “Positive Leadership” from 3-12 months
⭕ Program curriculum adaptable to client’s interests & needs
⭕ Program experience & design based on leading research & behavior design methodologies from Stanford University, etc.
⭕ Program facilitation for teams & groups applying coaching & training

On top, I’m collaborating with thriving program-providers, scaling positive change globally. I’m providing:

⭕ High-end & research-based online programs in collaboration with:
Positive Intelligence, enabling mental fitness & positivity among leaders, expert-roles & teams
Thrive Global & Arianna Huffington, enabling wellbeing that fuels productivity at the workplace

Participants change through e.g. positivity skills (curiosity, empathy, navigation, etc.), mindset practices (intercepting negativity loops) & new habits. Programs are hosted online, in English or partially German. In-person hosting & pricing on request.

About Eva Gruber

I was a curious tomboy, showing big empathy for others. As my grandparents & parents all founded or ran small to big ventures, I grew up with diverse realities & mindsets of being an entrepreneur & leader.

After 8 years with a sustainable energy producer (facing power-plays, heavy processes & unmet change), I founded & helped build multiple impact-ventures. Since 2013, I’ve been part of the European startup-ecosystem.

Today, I’m an entrepreneurial mind, a burnout-survivor & trained expert in Positive Thinking, Positive Leadership, Behavior Design & Habit Change. I’m home in Vienna with my French fiancée, my yoga mat & an adventurer’s mind.

Learn more about me by reading my co-authored book “Creating Impact” or listen to my guest-speakings on podcasts. Episodes I especially enjoyed:

Is rest & sleep the answer to burnout?
How can you develop mental fitness?

Bio & Certificates

⭕ Entrepreneur specialized in Sustainable Behavior Change for 10+ years, e.g. co-owner & former COO of Three Coins, founder & MD of Eva Gruber. Habit Coach., co-founder & -MD of 10X Impact
⭕ Featured guest-speaker on international events, TEDxpodcasts
⭕ International author, executive-contributor for entrepreneurship magazines as e.g. BrainzThrive Global
⭕ Prior: Young professional & manager at VERBUND AG, specialized in Corporate Social Responsibility, Climate Change & Environmental Management in energy market for 8 years

⭕ Masters in Business Education, Karl Franzens University Graz
⭕ Certified Positive Intelligence Coach at Mastery-Level, ongoingly trained & mentored by Shirzad Chamine, a neuroscientist, psychologist, Stanford lecturer, CEO Coach & best-selling author
⭕ Certified Tiny Habits® Coach, ongoingly trained & mentored by Professor BJ Fogg PhD, behavior researcher, founder of Stanford Behavior Design Lab & best-selling author
⭕ Certified Thrive Global Coach, ongoingly trained & mentored by Arianna Huffington’s internationally renowned expert-team
⭕ Trained in conflict management method “Conflict Resolution Simulations”