❝Speeches are a force to awaken & inspire. Mine are a starter-step for your audience's change.❞

In the last 10 years, I’ve learned to enjoy the stage. My big curiosity & empathy is about the audience’s question. I help explore answers & take a starter-step. Insights from leading research, my experience or relatable stories enable that.

Your topic? Get inspired.

⭕ Leadership, espec. positive leadership in times of change
⭕ Mental Health, espec. mental fitness & positive thinking
⭕ Wellbeing vs. Stress, not only at the workplace
⭕ Healthy Relationships, at the workplace & home
⭕ Performance, espec. peak-performance in times of stress & uncertainty
⭕ Change, espec. positive change created by change-makers
⭕ Behavior Change, espec. through behavior design & habit change
⭕ Mindsets & Belief Systems, espec. during growth, change or insecurity
⭕ Emotions’ Impact on Leaders & Teams, e.g. fear, anger, insecurity
⭕ Positive (Self-)Leadership Skills, e.g. curiosity, empathy, navigation
⭕ Entrepreneurship, espec. social/impact entrepreneurship & startups

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Our habits: Why do only the bad ones stick?

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My TEDx Talk in Brussels unpacked ❝The Power Of Bad Habits❞.