Is rest & sleep the answer to burn-out?

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Marko @ zlouma Zlousic

It was a lovely winter-afternoon in early 2022, as Kristen Rainey invited me to sit down and record a show for her podcast Northstar Unplugged

We explored how we can rest and sleep better, and let go of any unnecessary believes and behavior that leads us into

Overwhelm, Exhaustion or Burn-Out?

As Kristen Rainey is a Sleep Specialist and I’m a Habit Coach and Mental Fitness Expert, we were a great match creating this inspiring show for you!

This and much more awaits you in our honest, fun show:

  • Why do so many of us struggle to talk about emotions? What do you need to change that?
  • Which so-called Mental Saboteurs – causing negative mind-chatter and bad habits – are especially common with close-to burn-out or burned-out entrepreneurs? Is there a difference with social entrepreneurs?
  • Is there anything good about these Mental Saboteurs, like the Hyper-Achiever, the People-Pleaser, the Controller or the Avoider in us? Can we make use of them?
  • Why is the Hyper-Achiever in us using the hammer at times when the hammer is not needed? 
  • Why are Hyper-Achievers rarely happy?
  • How can you recognize that you are on the way to burn-out? Especially if you are a social entrepreneur who is more at risk?
  • Why is our muscle to ask for support that weak? 
  • Which steps can you take to “refuel” in times of an energy low? 
  • How can we rest on top of a good sleep? 
  • When are the best energy times of your day? How can you make best use of them?
  • What is one thing you can do to not burn out in 2022?

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Tell me about your hurdles to rest, sleep or let go with intention!​
Which negative beliefs or habits would you like to stop?

Email me to hi@evagruber.org.​

I am here for you!