Habits for founders & entrepreneurs to struggle less.

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Future Weekly - Austrian StartUps

​Daniel Cronin and Hannah Wundsam ​invited me on their (German speaking) podcast ​FutureWeekly​.​ Why?​

As passionate entrepreneurs and ​driven​ shapers of the Austrian startup community​, they wondered ​how​ founders, entrepreneurs and driven managers get overwhelmed by having “too much on their plate”. Hence, we explored

How Habits like Micro-Breaks can become a Change-Maker
for our Wellbeing, Relationships, and Performance

This and much more awaits you in our ​rich, fun show:

  • What does a Habit Coach do?
  • What is Mental Self-Sabotage?
  • Why should everyone care about it?
  • How can you discover which so-called Mental Saboteurs dominate and hinder you?
  • How can you master a crisis – due to stress, anger or uncertainty in peak-times – with a clear head?
  • What is the biggest behavior struggle founders and entrepreneurs face at present?
  • How can knowing about your chronotype and energy curve help you strive?
  • How do you treat your temperament?
  • Do you put yourself into an extrovert’s shoes too, exhausting yourself?
  • What do you need to start easy, tiny habits?
  • Which myths of meditation do you believe in too?
  • How can you integrate breathing into your packed work-days to reduce stress?
  • Also discover my “Prediction” in times of a global crisis, and my “Moonshot”. 

> Click here to listen to our (German speaking) show! <

Tell me about your struggles with “having to much on your plate”.​

Which negative beliefs or habits would you like to stop?

Email me to hi@evagruber.org.​

I am here for you!