Focus less on the extrovert & more on the introvert in you.

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Eva Gruber

We need to focus less on the extrovert but more on the introvert in us! Why?

After recording a podcast episode, the host and I were chatting along. He got triggered by a statement of mine saying “Many of us don’t know how to take care of their temperament!”.

He started laughing, and shared with me that he loves hosting big events, being on stage, and cheering the audience up. Still, the first thing after getting off stage is that he hides himself for 10 minutes in a quiet room to find peace again!

He realized that this habit feels like an instinct to him. Moreover, it’s not his nature to be on stage! Still, his curiosity and passion pull him on stage. He obviously trained himself to step into an entertainer’s shoes!

Let’s recap this common habit pattern:

Many of us tend to put ourselves into an extrovert’s shoes, even though we are introverts at heart!

Researchers can only estimate how many people are introverts. They believe it is about 30 to 50 percent. In your team of 10, this is 3 to 5 people. In your family of 4, this is 1 to 2.

Hence, you need to discover “where on the spectrum of introvert to extrovert you land on”, as the author Susan Cain says so nicely. Why?

Our society and economy is designed to educate and entertain extroverts. Due to that, we face a constant stimulation with words, sounds, lights and touch. Due to that, we learned to have a full agenda, always being on to something.

The challenge is that people who are introverted face a constant over-stimulation which takes their energy, ability to focus, and joy in what they do.

The challenge is that too many people are not aware of their introverted temperament and the urgency of a change of rhythms and habits.

The biggest challenge is though that too many people knowingly put themselves into an extrovert’s shoes as they learned or feel pressured to do so.

Doing so, they take over jobs and roles which constantly push them over a limit, a limit of energy or comfort leading to exhaustion or overwhelm.

Yes, discovering to be an introvert might hurt. Still, it’s the only way to a healthy identity and good habits!

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