30 seconds to make a new habit happen.

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“It takes only 30 seconds to make your new habit happen.”

You don’t believe it?

For years I struggled to apply a reading habit. I started, and failed to sustain it. The books in my shelves piled up, putting the restless mental saboteur in me on fire!

Learning about the Tiny Habits® method, I finally had tools at hand which seemed easy to start with.

Discover in this interview what Tiny Habits® is about. And why it is so important to set your true aspirations, such as “I want to read more intentionally.”, instead of an outcome.

Moreover, explore many of my secrets about Tiny Habits®, like:

  • A Tiny Habit® is ridiculously tiny and short.
  • It is very easy to do.
  • It comes with no risks attached.

Hence, no stress can stop me from doing my habits!

Changing your habits starts with small steps. You can even start with a tiny step!

What is your Tiny Habit® you could introduce into your daily routine?

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Thanks for hosting this interview, Maria Gruber!