2 ways to make your habit stick on off-days.

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Habits on weekends.

On weekends I have a different rhythm of life. As an ambivert – a good mix of being introvert and extrovert – I need quality-time to balance myself.

For years, I struggled with new habits on weekends. They simply didn’t stick! Let’s explore how to twist this, ready?

  • Let’s simply acknowledge that your weekdays are more structured than your weekends. This is due to work, schooling, and all the other many roles and “hats you have on”.
  • Weekends are essential as they help you break the weekday rhythms! Your brain and wellbeing very much needs a change of rhythm at regular times.
  • But next to weekends, other “off-days” like a public holiday or your vacation brings a welcomed twist!

Consequently, new habits hardly stick on off-days, as your prompt is missing!

Hence, I invite you to either

  • simply make peace with not (!) doing the habit on off-days.
  • Or design a specific prompt which reminds you to do the habit on off-days!

Which new habit do you need or want on off-days?
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Lastly, I want to inspire you with one of my signature-habits. It makes me feel healthier and happier every morning.

Each morning, after I open the curtains looking into the sky, I do 3 simple stretching moves. Doing so, I softly awaken my body and mind. At the end, I celebrate myself by welcoming myself and the day joyfully.

Which habit could start your off-days?
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