What if a part of your brain is OFF.

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My stroke of insight. TED Talk

I am brainy, but also very present and emotional.

But what happens if a part of my brain simply stops working?
What do I think or feel then?

I am extremely curious about how our brain works. Learning about it forms my bigger picture of life and how you and I respond to its challenges.

Jill Taylor – a Harvard neuro-scientist – experienced herself how it feels when one part of your brain stops working due to a stroke.
In thisĀ TED Conferences Talk she beautifully paints you a picture of how your brain thinks and feels.

She especially relates to your left brain hemisphere. Why is that crucial for you?

It is running all your mind chattering. Most of it is fueled by negative emotions, connected to your mental-list, stress, or anxiety.

This left brain hemisphere is the home of your mental self-sabotage.

This is where your negative mind chatter starts – e.g. by

~ constantly judging yourself or others,
~ controlling others as you feel the urge for it,
~ feeling restless looking out for the next best thing,
~ avoiding heavy tasks or conversations as it doesn’t feel pleasant,
~ pleasing others and not knowing how to set boundaries.

This left brain hemisphere is your starting point to shift from a negative experience into a positive opportunity.

~ Here you turn a fight with your spouse into an opportunity to grow your healthy relationship.
~ Here you anchor a mistake at work to learn more about your client’s needs.
~ Here you shift from self-pity into self-love, growing your contentment.

Which mind chatter would you wish to quiet?

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