Bits Of Gold

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Bits Of Gold Podcast Episode

Choosing the title of this blog-post came so easy to me. Why?

Bits Of Gold is the glorious title of a podcast hosted by Dan Goldberg. Dan is a serial entrepreneur based in the US. In his podcast he explores thought provoking topics, navigating tough circumstances, and ultimately how you can build a purpose driven life no matter what.

Dan invited me on his show to uncover the question of How To Build Positive Habits That Last a Lifetime?. Listen to our lively and honest conversation, and get questions like these answered to build the purpose you want in your life:

  • How do we – as entrepreneurs to team-members – start hindering and even harmful behavior already as a child?
  • How does the overuse of our very own qualities shape our personality and hence wellbeing badly?
  • Which behavior patterns did I, Eva Gruber, live up to to “run into burnout” in the end?
  • How can each of us sabotage our very own wellbeing, relationships, and peak-performance?
  • How can you go from a place of doubt to a place of hope? Or even step into action?
  • What are non-negotiables to be joyful, happy or simply kind to yourself every day?
  • What does the internal dialog you have day-by-day lead to? To possibilities, or to challenges due to fear or doubt?
  • How can you start shifting your belief-system, to go from doubt into action?
  • Why do I invite you to NOT pick goals to start new habits?

> Don’t miss out all the Bits Of Gold in this episode. <

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