Habits for female founders & entrepreneurs

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Julia Oswald ​invited me on her (German speaking) podcast which is unpacking Lunch Break Stories to support female founders​.​ Why (in my humble opinion)?​

Many women don’t identify as a founder or leader, even though they have valuable ideas to build and skills to leverage. Many women feel stuck in their current roles pleasing others instead of going for what they professionally want. Many women are insecure how to navigate through building a venture while having “too many hats on”. Hence, we explored

Which Habits Enable Female Founders?
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This and much more awaits you in our ​rich, fun show:

  • Having many ideas feels like “a jungle of wishes”. How can you create clarity to get started?
  • Goals are not wrong, but you should prefer something else over them to be successful. What’s that?
  • What are your so called “golden behaviors”, and how do they help you to start new habits?
  • What to do if you fear to fail with your new habits?
  • Which are the 3 strategies to reduce or stop your bad habits, e.g. binge-eating due to stress?
  • How do your emotions impact your physical and mental wellbeing, the relationships with your team or family, and your performance especially at peak-times like stress, anger or doubt?
  • Speaking of female entrepreneurs that have “many hats on”: Which habits should female founders start?
  • How can you deal with your inner critic that tells you e.g. “I’m not good/fast/perfect/fun/… enough.”?
  • What’s the impact of feeling restless too many times?
  • How can we stop people-pleasing in order to not remain “left behind” at the end of a long day?

> Click here to listen to our (German speaking) show! <

Tell me about your feelings as a female founder. What’s difficult in this early stage of your venture? Which negative beliefs or habits would you like to stop?

Email me to hi@evagruber.org.​

I am here for you!
I am here for you!