Easy habits for decision makers & teams in SMEs

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Wolfgang Krapesch ​invited me on his (German speaking) podcast which is unpacking Employer Branding​.​ Why?​

Too many decision makers in SMEs – from a CEO to the team-lead – lack good habits to recruit and manage teams. At the same time, too many employees lack good habits to voice their needs in a new or growing team. Hence, we explored

How Habits Support Decision Makers & Teams To Stay Clear-Headed, Focused & Empathetic?
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This and much more awaits you in our ​rich, fun show:

  • What actually defines a habit?

  • Why will your awareness about habits turn into a game-changer?

  • How can this awareness lead to e.g. new creative recruiting behaviors whilst leading your team with empathy?

  • Why should you get curious about your team’s habits too?

  • What different kinds of habits count?

  • Which (bad) habits are you unaware of as a decision-maker that tend to start a work-crisis?

  • Which (good) habits would you – as a leader and decision-maker – need to train daily to face a crisis clear-headed, laser-focused, and with empathy?

  • What is mental self-sabotage, and why does each and everyone of us face it?

  • How do your mental saboteurs hinder your leadership?

  • Why is it not about goals to lastingly change your habits?

> Click here to listen to our (German speaking) show! <

Tell me about your needs as a decision maker. What’s difficult when it comes to leadership, peak-performance or wellbeing in these days?

Which negative beliefs or habits would you like to stop?

Email me to hi@evagruber.org.​

I am here for you!
I am here for you!
I am here for you!