Why 3 out of 4 can not make things happen.

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“I am tired or not motivated.”

This is why 73% of my community can not access their (mental) potential to make things happen.

I am not surprised by my survey results. Why?

Most of us are challenged to run new habits because:

  • We have too much “on our plate” as e.g. a founder, entrepreneur, team lead, parent, or spouse. Or all of them at once!
  • We feel overwhelmed by constant stress and other negative emotions like fear, anger, shame, guilt or insecurity.
  • We take too little breaks, and lack the 7 kinds of rest and sleep.

But all of these reasons are not the true ones why you and I get stuck!

The bottle-neck is your mental self-sabotage driven by e.g. the Hyper-Achiever, Restless, Controller, Hyper-Rational, or Avoider in you.

  • That’s why 4 out of 5 people in e.g. your team are not mentally fit.
  • That’s why they can not use their true mental potential.
  • That’s why e.g. your team is unable to take a challenge as an opportunity, and turn stress or fear into curiosity and action.

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