Excuse me, which way to become black-belt?

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This morning my phone crashed! Some years ago I would have responded restlessly, even a little avoidant as I am not techie.

But today I almost felt like a black-belt!

When something “crashed” in my past – like my laptop or phone – I became nervous and restless.

My throat started to feel sore. I even felt a little avoidant, as I didn’t want to spend my precious energy and time on “fixing this”.

This morning, my restlessness appeared as well, but it didn’t last!

💪 I was able to take my restlessness as a signal and NOT spiral down the rabbit hole of restlessness, stress or anger.
💪 I used my negative emotions as a signal to turn this unexpected challenge into an OPPORTUNITY.
💪 I had an almost clear-headed mind, explored my options quickly, and activated myself to take the next steps.

My inspiring mentor at Positive Intelligence, Inc., Bill Carmody, PCC, recently shared with me:

“Even though us Mental Fitness Coaches train our positive minds every day, we might never become black-belt! Because we are simply human, and need to test our mental skills in new life circumstances day-after-day.”

Still, this morning I almost feel black-belt! My commitment for the lifelong training of my mental skills grew.

In which life challenge would you like to become more black-belt?

> I am here for you. <

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