Update your 1×1 about habits!

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Good Neighbor Project

Did you start new habits within COVID-times? Did you also fail to stick to them, especially as lockdowns ended and your “old rhythm” was back on?

Do you wish to break this one habit that e.g. distracts you from work, but you don’t know how? Do you dream about e.g. creating quality-time for yourself to be more grounded and make better decisions?

We all have many questions when it comes to habits and how to change them. But we also have many excuses to not even get started, like…

  • “It feels too hard at its start.”
  • “I don’t have enough time.”
  • “I am tired of all the frustration if I cannot pull it through!”

That’s why I invite you to update your 1×1 about habits today! Why?

Many habits look easy. But once you get started you learn it’s not that simple, as you might still believe common habit myths.

Don’t miss out on listening to one of my latest podcast​-episodes​, and get your needed update on your habit skills!

Together with Daniela and Michael – the beautiful hosts of the podcast Good neighbors – The hunt for good news – I share how habits impact your life. Get ​questions ​answer​ed like…

  • Which habit myths do I still believe in?
  • ​Why does it seem so easy, but not feel simple to form my habit?
  • Why do I get frustrated, instead of taking more space?
  • ​​What’s the turning point to make my habit stick?​
  • Why is tiny the “magic number” for habits?
  • ​​Which identity do I have to build to master bad habits?​
  • ​How is our hyper-achieving society impacting our habits and wellbeing?
  • ​​Am I a Scanner Personality? How does this impact my habits, ​especially ​distraction, overwhelm, and procrastination?​
  • How can I return to my “lockdown habits”?
  • ​​Is a new year’s resolution the way to go?​
  • Why is self-empathy ​the ​ingredient for your success?

> Click here to listen to our episode [in German only]! <

Tell me about your excuses!​
Which habit do you wish to stick to?

Email me to hi[at]evagruber[dot]org.​ I am here for you!

​PS Do you want more answers on why our mind tricks us to build better habits? Stops us to live an easier, healthier, happier, and more successful life? Then click here. Read my first ebook “Creating Impact” and get inspired! It’s 1.2 € only. All proceeds go to Book Aid International, a charity to enable books for migrants, prisoners, and many more as books change lives.​ Thank you!