Here is to breaking a taboo!

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The other day I trained highly driven entrepreneurs. As we created an emotional safe space for each other, they stunningly broke a taboo and shared about their imbalanced wellbeing! Learn from them today.

Together we discovered the roots of common behaviors among entrepreneurs, like…


“It’s simply me who puts the bar that high, and stresses myself out!”
The Hyper-Achiever in us shares, being in need for a shift in identity.

“I am really tired at times, but don’t make the space to recover!”
The Restless in us admits, being in need for better focus.

“When I am stressed, I rather put everything on myself than asking for support!”
The Controller shares, lacking of trusting others.

“If someone needs something, I run for it! A simple NO doesn’t come easy to me, as I put myself second!”
The Pleaser voices itself in us, longing for self-empathy and -care.


Can you relate to this too?

Learning about methods like Positive Intelligence or Tiny Habits is a starting point for your personal wellbeing and success.

Doing so you unmask your negative mind-chatter and train your positivity. You skill yourself to create easy and lasting habits.

Lastly, as entrepreneurs, we oftentimes have to go the extra mile as we are role models. Hence, I am inviting all of you to start breaking the taboo of Mental Self-Sabotage today.

Let’s simply talk about our negative mind-chatter and related bad habits over our next dinner!
Be curious! Listen! Learn! Are you in?

Thanks for co-hosting this event, Ana Janošev and Social Impact Award.