How well do you play the game of happiness?

By August 2, 2021October 1st, 2021No Comments
Eva Gruber - Marko @zlouma Zlousic

“Happiness is an inside game, literally and neurochemically.”

If I ask “How does this make you feel?”, then many of my beautiful clients go silent. Why?

All of us have constant mind chatter going on. Unfortunately, only 1 out of 5 times we respond to this mind chatter in a positive way!

The problem is, many of us have unlearned how to access our positive mind.

We struggle with connecting to emotions and feelings. We struggle with feeling happy or content about life, work, and daily successes.

How you feel does not depend on the situation or circumstance you are in, e.g. being in a heated discussion with your teammate or spouse.

How you feel and respond to life’s challenges depends on which region of your brain is active!

Do you want to train your positive brain?
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