Why business women should say YES to themselves first.

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Heidi Hauer and I share a true passion: We support people to say YES to a better life! 

As Heidi’s focus is on health and wellness, and mine is on the positive mindset and habits that you need to make any change happen, she invited me on her podcast!

Listen to our show, to discover how you as a success-driven woman can foster your wellbeing, live healthier relationships or improve your peak-performance, especially when feeling stressed, angry or doubtful.

In our conversation, Heidi and I put the spotlight on questions like:

  • Why should you prefer an aspiration over a goal?
  • How can you assess if a habit of yours is a good or a bad one?
  • Do you want a new habit? Or do you only feel you should do it?
  • How much of your day is on auto-pilot? How is this hindering you?
  • Which common behaviors and habits do busy women have, especially success-driven business women?
  • Which negative thoughts do impact your life and work?
  • Why is the Judge the strongest so-called Mental Saboteur?
  • How can you stop being dominated by your negative feelings and thoughts?
  • Which other Mental Saboteurs impact success-driven business women the most?
  • Why is it so hard to learn to say NO?
  • How can you feel safe without being in the driver’s seat?
  • Why is it so important to clarify your many roles? 
  • Why do we stay in pain, unnecessarily? Why don’t we set boundaries instead?
  • Why should you “put the oxygen mask on yourself first”? Why isn’t this egoistic?

By talking about these deeply rooted, human questions, I want to enable you easy access to the roots of your being! I want you to get curious about how your negative thoughts (your brain) dominate your behavior (mostly your habits)!

Take a quiet space and 40 minutes of your time to listen to this show. Connect to yourself! Don’t be scared, restless or ashamed but stay curious about what you learn!

> Listen to the show (in German)! <

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