Did your negative mind-chatter become your inner compass?

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Radmila van Os and I met in the vibrant start-up scene 10 years ago.

These days we reconnected, speaking about how negative mind-chatter can become an unwanted inner compass! We discovered how you can go from overwhelm, exhaustion or burnout to Mental Fitness and Good Habits.

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Learn more about…

  • What led me to shift from a hectic start-up scene to become a grounded coach? Why did I specialize in Habits and Mental Fitness for driven people like you?
  • What are Mental Saboteurs? Which ones are common with entrepreneurs and managers? How do they start and grow? 
  • Why is the Hyper-Achiever in you never happy and content? Do you have a Pleaser in you too? 
  • How can you go from overwhelm, exhaustion or burnout to Mental Fitness? How can you discover what is not serving you anymore?
  • Why is Mental Fitness a lifelong journey? What’s the stake of empathy in it?
  • What other leverages can you use to respond more positively in a challenging situation?
  • Why shouldn’t we mix up Mental Health and Mental Fitness?
  • Why are bad habits so easy to do? What’s happening in your brain when a bad habit kicks in?
  • What do people struggle with the most in regards to habits? What are the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs and managers when it comes to good habits?
  • What is a Tiny Habit? What makes it tiny and successful?

Radmila and I also reflected on my first book Creating Impact, an inspiring collection of short stories for leaders and change-makers. Click here to download it!

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