What does staying in power need?

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What does staying in power have to do with “putting the oxygen mask on yourself first”?

A recent story of a client might be yours too.

I’m telling a story about a client, as this person stands for so many of us! Let’s call her Brigid, knowingly this is not the true name of my client. 

Brigid has a strong hyper-achiever in her! She always sets the bar higher, and once a summit is reached, she pushes towards the next. Brigid is also nourished by outside recognition.

The power as a hyper-achiever and the perceived influence feels good at first, but it – also according to studies with top CEOs – makes Brigid neither successful in the long-term nor happy in the end.

Brigid and I worked on a recent dilemma of hers. As a hyper-achiever, she pushed her team to meet the deadlines for an upcoming major event. But instead of delivering, her team reacted to this pressure with rational arguments, or even with fear and avoidance.

We simulated how the situation would have turned out if Brigid had shown true empathy! Empathy towards herself first, and only then towards her team!

The next day Brigid tested it immediately, took relaxing breaths before she asked for something, listened with great curiosity to responses, asked questions to discover the team’s needs to deliver on time!

My client has realized that in order to gain more power and influence, she must first be more emphatic with herself, especially as a hyper-achiever!

She and you need to put “the oxygen mask of empathy” first on yourself, before you can help others!

Let’s strengthen your self-empathy. I have a couple of spots left!
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