Get the Secret Recipe for Easy Habits!

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Did you know that I have a Secret Recipe for you to create a New Tiny Habit®?

There are things you do every day without thinking about them! These things – like putting your toothbrush into its holder – are already established behaviors of your day! Look out for them! Use these behaviors to connect your new habit to!

Why is that so important? 

In order to start your new habit, you need a strong anchor moment that reminds you to do your new habit! If this anchor moment is part of a strong routine, voila! You will succeed faster with your new habit!

Let’s look closer at the 3 Ingredients of a New Tiny Habit®:

-1- Start with “After I…” followed by an event, 

-2- continue with “I will…” followed by an action of yours, 

-3- end with “…and celebrate myself by doing…” to cheer for your success!

Please don’t take doing your new habit for granted!

On the contrary! I love cheering for my success! Why is this a game-changer?

As I cheer myself on having succeeded in this new habit, my brain gets filled with dopamine! This makes it feel good, even excited! My brain then thinks “Wow, that’s a great feeling! I want to have more of it, again and again!”. At this moment your brain connects your new habit with something great!

As an example, let’s look at a successful Tiny Habit® Recipe of mine to move my body:

-1- After I open up our bedroom curtains in the morning,

-2- I will stretch my arms high up, to the lift and to the right,

-3- and celebrate myself by cheering “Good for me!”.

This is how I create my Tiny Habits®! It’s very easy to start your New Habits if you use this Secret Recipe!

What is your New Habit that you would like to start?

Try this Secret Recipe! Let me know how it works!
Email me to hi[at]evagruber[dot]org.

I’m here for you!