What if you turn hyper-vigilant?

By November 15, 2021No Comments
Via Susan Cain

Whenever my niece needs to perform at school, she shifts gears. But in the wrong direction!

She turns hyper-vigilant, and all the stress stops her from keeping a clear head!

This is her way out…

  • At this very moment, I want her to look into the mirror – as this kid looks into the water – and see her true potential!
  • At this very moment, I want her to stop going into the rabbit hole, intensifying her negative emotion and mind-chatter of “I am not good enough!”.
  • At this very moment, I want her to activate her brain muscles with an easy mental exercise enabling her to calm herself and shift into the positive, with a clear head and ready to take action!

This is the learning journey she is on now with me! Training her brain muscles and self-awareness every day for 15 minutes to NOT listen to her negative mind-chatter when her fear gets into the driver’s seat!

I’m happy to become your success buddy (coach) too! Stop your negative mind-chatter!
Shift gears into positive ideas and action!

Reach out to me! Let’s start!