“Some people will never like you because…”

By November 8, 2021No Comments
Denzel Washington

Hear, hear! A powerful message by Denzel Washington. It reminded me of this…

For years I thought “It’s me why on occasions I can not connect to people.”

  • I felt uncomfortable when people didn’t open up, enabling a flow in our conversation.
  • My body tensed as I blamed myself for causing this situation.
  • My mind was buzzing, worrying about a mistake I could have made or how to fix it.

Today, I know that…

  • my (mostly) positive spirit irritated “the demons of the people” I engaged with.
  • the Pleaser saboteur in me wants people around me to always feel good, putting myself last.
  • if I feel any emotional pain, I need to STOP it and shift into a neutral or positive mind.

How about you? Are you the one that irritates? Or the one who gets irritated?

Either way, let’s act upon it!
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