The power of cheering for yourself

By December 13, 2021December 28th, 2021No Comments

Do you forget to cheer for yourself?
Do you forget to be kind with yourself?
Do you forget to…?

We tend to forget many things about our wellbeing! Why? We are restlessly making things happen or please others first, forgetting about our need for self-empathy.

Do you still want to make these seemingly easy actions – like cheering for yourself or being kind to yourself – happen?

I have a Secret Habit Recipe for you to succeed from today:

What is a negative emotion of yours in recent times? For me, it’s feeling restless due to a deadline.

Then find the other Ingredients of your Habit Recipe! This is my example:

After I feel restless,
I close my eyes and take 3 deep breaths,
cheering to myself thereafter that “I am fine!”.

What is the Self-Empathy Habit you would like to start?

Try this Secret Recipe! Let me know how it works.
Email me to hi[at]evagruber[dot]org.