Why your focus matters – not only in the midst of stress & uncertainty

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40% of our behavior is based on habits.
This is 6+ hours each day.

6+ hours feeling distracted?
Or in the driver’s seat?

If I get to know my habits,
I will become aware of my behavior.
This takes curiosity for change.

If I learn to use habits consciously,
I self-empower and support my life and work.
I strengthen healthy habits.
I reduce or stop the destructive ones.
It’s that simple!

Ever thought about going on a lifelong date with your habits?

To transform from distraction to focus?
From stress to joy?

I did. I do.

Here is why:

I want people to become aware and focus again.

To focus on what matters in life.
To focus on what matters at work.

I want people to be in the driver’s seat again.

To joyfully play with their kids.
To lovingly listen to their spouse’s stories.
To curiously learn from the book they read.
To intentionally jog through the forest.
To daringly create solutions as teams.
To honestly care for an employee’s challenge.
To successfully work from home.

I want people to focus on their space and time.

To explore what surrounds them.
To explore who surrounds them.
To explore all distractions that come along.

I want people to master their distractions.

May it be their thoughts – holding on to the past, planning out the present, looking into the future.
May it be their belongings.
May it be their use of media.
May it be their people.

I want people to intentionally create their space and time.

With the help of becoming aware of true needs and wants.
With the help of mastering their focus.
With the help of tidying and decluttering their physical spaces.
With the help of healthy habits that enable conscious lifestyles.

I want you to act for your wellbeing.

Let’s start with tidying your home or work place.
Rewiring your shopping behavior.
Re-framing your screen time.
Creating energizing healthy habits.
Let’s start with just learning how to…

…make a conscious break.

Pick one.
Take a starter step.
Use this leverage.
Experience the impactful ripple effect in all areas of life and work.

Gain space,
head space,
and true joy.


Take a starter step.

PS: Need some more?

“Start planning ahead your days –
as you can’t tell if something is a distraction
unless you know what it distracts you from!”

Nir Eyal
Israeli-born American bestselling author, lecturer and investor

PPS: Let it settle.

If you are ready, reach out to me!
Here are your opportunities to take a starter-step!
Right away.

Master your many hats with ease.
Let talents and focus become best buddies.
Live healthier and happier.

Eva Gruber – Habit Coach